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artisan grappa De Negri


40% alcohol by volume; 0,7 liter

Created for grappa aficionados who appreciate its every last nuance, De Negri's Grappa Monovitigno di Prosecco is distilled exclusively from the marc of ripe, healthy 100% Prosecco grapes harvested from the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene production area. The traditional slow and discontinuos distillation method helps to capture the exceptionally rich flavors and aromatics of the original Prosecco grape. Crystal-clear coloured, with unique light floral and fruity aroma, creamy, velvety soft taste, has a long and elegant pleasant finish.


42% alcohol by volume; 0,7 liter

... a lengthy period of ageing in oak barrels adds the finishing touch to the grappa's unusually full, rounded taste.

42% alcohol by volume; 0,7 liter

Created by distilling master Mario especially for his own friends, Graspa dei Amighi has soon come to be appreciated for its purity and its warm, delicate and full flavour. The traditional batch distillation and the aging process in oak barrels give Graspa dei Amighi a rich, straw-like colour and an ethereal and harmonious flavour.

Judges Tasting Notes (International Wine & Spirits Competition):

Light gold with most inviting floral nose. Delicate hints of jasmine, citrus and tea leaves. Smooth and rich in the mouth with velvet texture yet lively with it. Delightfully mellow. Flavours of prune and dried hay join to add extra complexity. Long lasting sipper to be savoured.


42% alcohol by volume; 0,7 liter

Through the staves of the wooden barres there is a continuous osmotic transfer of oxygen between the air and the distilled liquid: you can almost say that the grappa is breathing. This results in a certain loss of quantity but all of the sharp qualities are softended. The tannins of the high quality wood combine and blend with the aromas of the grappa giving it a new tone which is persuasive and distinct. Tasting Results ( R. Padoan, tasting judge, National Association of Grappa Tasters ) Visible characteristics: The color is straw-yellow and crystal clear. Fragrance: The dominant scent is a mix of fruit ( apples, pears, tropical with a clear hint of citrus ) and white flowers. There are also noticeable aromas of fresh grass, aromatic herbs ( especially sage ), a touch of blond tobacco, juniper and vanilla. Taste: It has good harmony with notes of sweetness carefully blended to give a sense of softness on the tongue. The finish or aftertaste: As the initial sensations fade, one can taste the woodlands, with a touch of honey and anice. The lingering finish is a sign of excellence. Conclusions: We find here a grappa of excellent quality, of class, almost for connoisseurs I would say because it does not overwhelm the senses neither visibly ( with a strong color ) nor the sense of smell but it is correctly dominated by elegance; its delicateness is its strong point. The result is a grappa which is smooth and decisive at the same time with a perfect blend of all the characteristics: visible, olfactory, taste and finish.

42% alcohol by volume; 0,7 liter

De Negri Cartizze Grappa is the result of a careful selection of Cartizze grapes from the Pre-Alpine hills in the Prosecco area, where ideal exposure and constant ventilation allow the growth of perfectly sound grapes full of flavour.

40, 45, o 50% alcohol by volume; 1 liter

Silver Medal BEST IN CLASS to "The International Wine and Spirit Competition" - LONDON 2007 : Colourless. Delicate nose with hint of clean, fresh, green apples. Great expression on the palate. Lively, bright and so pure it appears sweet. Hints of caramel and white fruit gives good complexity. Zesty, fresh finish. Great digestif.

40% alcohol by volume; 0,7 liter

Grappa with ruta (RUE grappa)

Grappa with genziana (GENTIAN-ROOT grappa)

Grappa with ginepro (JUNIPER grappa)

40% alcohol by volume; 0,5 liter

This product was created from the infusion of a blend of carefully selected Alpine herbs in our best grappa. The result is an excellent digestive liqueur with a slightly bitter taste and a scent of woods, with a hint of liquorice and juniper. Excellent with coffee, too.

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